the Macondé route in Mauritius

The Macondé Route in Mauritius

15 octobre 2018

During your stay in Mauritus, plan a day-out to discover the island by car. Set between the whimsical sea and the endemic forest of the South, the Macondé Route at Baie du Cap has been listed among the 10 most beautiful roads in the world by Le Petit Futé. The French magazine highlights the alluring charm of the area and a visit there is definitely a must during your holidays in Mauritius! Get in your car and discover this landscape!


The viewpoint

Macondé derives its name from a Mozambique tribe and has a rich historical past. Many monuments can be found across the island to commemorate events or to honour patriots. The road to Macondé, whilst captivating, requires the driver to be focused and attentive due to dangerous bends. It is also advisable to go there early in the morning because it starts to get crowded around 8 o’clock. The viewpoint offers a magnificent view of the Macondé Rock, with the Savanne Mountain Range in the background. At times, the weather might be very windy. Make sure to get a tight grip on the handrails while you are up there!


The southern sea

The sea at Macondé is rough on some days. Long ago, the waves used to crash on the road, making it difficult for driving. The authorities have recently taken measures to secure the Macondé Route and you can now enjoy your drive without worrying about salty splashes. Some fishermen can be seen with their fishing lines when the sea is calm and there are also local boats available for short trips. There is also a nearby village where you can sample local specialities.


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