the Macondé route in Mauritius
15 octobre, 2018
The Macondé Route in Mauritius
During your stay in Mauritus, plan a day-out to discover the island by car. Set between the whimsical sea and the endemic forest of the South, the Macondé Route at Baie du Cap has been listed among the 10 most beautiful roads in the world by Le Petit Futé. The French magazine highlights the alluring charm of the area and a visit there is definitely a must during your holidays in Mauritius! Get in your [...]
road security in Mauritius
03 octobre, 2018
Road Security: new law amendments
The Road Traffic Act of Mauritius has been amended and the changes take effect as from Monday 1st October. In view of sensitising drivers about the dangers of the road and to take action against offenders, much focus is being put on public awareness. Here are the new rules, among others: Using a mobile phone while drivingRoad accidents are caused primarily by careless or unfocused drivers. The penalty for this has [...]
18 juillet, 2018
Driving in Mauritius: tips and practical information
Driving in Mauritius can be folkloric but not complicated if you know what to expect. With a road network of a little more than 2000 km, caution is never too much and it is recommended to be well informed before taking the road during your stay. For some, traveling the roads of Mauritius can be a real challenge if the wheel is not on the usual side. Looking to rent [...]
29 juin, 2018
Tips for not falling asleep at the wheel
Falling asleep behind the wheel is one of the main factors responsible for accidents. Any driver may feel drowsy on the road. In this kind of situation, it is important to recognize the signs of fatigue and be vigilant in avoiding driving right away. How to avoid the risk of accidents and avoid falling asleep at the wheel? Royal Car Rental, expert in car hire in Mauritius, optimizes your safety [...]