road security in Mauritius

Road Security: new law amendments

03 octobre 2018

The Road Traffic Act of Mauritius has been amended and the changes take effect as from Monday 1st October. In view of sensitising drivers about the dangers of the road and to take action against offenders, much focus is being put on public awareness. Here are the new rules, among others: 

Using a mobile phone while driving

Road accidents are caused primarily by careless or unfocused drivers. The penalty for this has been increased from Rs 1 500 to Rs 3 000. Moreover, watching a video while driving will be fined at Rs 2 000.


Despite numerous sensitisation campaigns about speeding, the death toll of road accidents has already reached 124 since the beginning of this year. The statistics might show an increase in figures if the right measures are not taken. The new fines applicable to speeding are as follows:

Speeding not beyond 15km/h : Rs 2 500

Speeding between 15km/h and 25km/h : Rs 5 000

Speeding beyond 25 km/h : Rs 10 000

Driving licence

Those who will be driving without their licence could be fined up to Rs 100 000. For tourists who will be renting a car during their holidays in Mauritius and who do not have an international driving licence, the law allows them to drive for four weeks after their arrival. 

Other misconducts

For drunk and driving cases, the government might bring further changes to the law by increasing the imprisonment term. Those not wearing seat belts will be fined Rs 2 000. On the other hand, motorcyclists will have to abide by a new set of rules.

With the objective of ensuring the security of all road users, it is very important to take note of the regulations established by the authorities. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!