Driving in Mauritius: tips and practical information

18 juillet 2018

Driving in Mauritius can be folkloric but not complicated if you know what to expect. With a road network of a little more than 2000 km, caution is never too much and it is recommended to be well informed before taking the road during your stay. For some, traveling the roads of Mauritius can be a real challenge if the wheel is not on the usual side. Looking to rent a car during your holidays and want to know more about the Mauritian roads? This article offers you tips and practical information.

Driver's license

Before you arrive, remember to check if your country has signed an agreement with Mauritius about driving license. Note that international and French licenses are recognized in Mauritius.

Priorities on the road

Driving is on the left, but priority is given to vehicles coming from the right. Another important point is that buses take precedence, even though many of them do not respect the traffic regulations.


With a little over 60 km in length and less than 50 km wide, it is possible to travel through the whole island in one day. Mauritius has 2 highways, one running from the airport to the north of the island and the new one : Verdun . The highway will certainly save you time, but we must admit that even if they take longer to reach a destination, the small roads will help you discover another side of the island.

Road signs

In Mauritius, road signs meet international standards. At the exit of the main roads, signs are fewer and it is sometimes easy to get lost. For this reason, choose a road map or a car rental with free GPS (service offered by Royal Car Rental).

Rush hours

The crossing of the capital as well as the big cities can be painful during the rush hours, between 7h30-9h30 and 3 pm- 6 pm.

Parking spaces

Parking spaces are available almost everywhere. In major cities such as Port-Louis, Curepipe, Rose Hill and Quatre-Bornes, charges may be applied for street parking, Rs 20 to Rs 30 per hour (parking tickets are available at gas stations). If you are in Port-Louis, we recommend that you park your car in the parking lot of the Caudan Waterfront for safety reasons and to avoid the chaotic streets.

Security measures

- Drunk driving is forbidden. Mauritius has recently adopted the policy of zero tolerance. A few months ago, the blood alcohol level allowed was 50 mg.

- It is forbidden to use the mobile phone while driving.

- Greater vigilance is recommended at roundabouts, downtown and in residential areas.

- The speed limit is 40 km / h in urban areas, 80km / h on main roads, 100 to 110 km / h on the highway.

Gas stations

Some gas stations close in the evening. Remember to fuel up your car during the day.