15 juin, 2018
Mauritius: new measures for drivers
The suspense ended on June 14th when the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Pravind Jugnauth, presented the 2018-19 budget. We will focus here on new measures applying to drivers travelling the Mauritian roads. It is also an opportunity to be reminded of the good practices and some tips that will help minimize the risk of accidents during your travels.Motorists: the key points to remember from the budget-          Lower prices for gasoline and dieselThe fuel goes from Rs 52 [...]
31 mai, 2018
Car rental: automatic or manual?
Renting a car while on holidays in Mauritius is a good plan for those who are thirsty for adventure and want to travel the most beautiful roads. At Royal Car Rental, we have a fleet of over 70 vehicles with automatic and manual transmission. Even if the manual gearbox is the most widespread, the so-called automatic is becoming more and more popular. Automatic or manual car rental - are you facing a dilemma? We help [...]
16 mai, 2018
Car rental: which vehicle for your holidays?
Are you going through the details of your stay in Mauritius? Successful holidays are based on a good preparation of your trip. In addition to booking air tickets and accommodation, a car rental is also recommended. Freedom, ease and autonomy are guaranteed when you rent a vehicle. In any case, the chosen vehicle must be ready to hit the road of Mauritius. How to make the good choice of vehicle [...]
30 avril, 2018
Mini Cooper: the star of your holidays in Mauritius
Who has not dreamed of driving a Mini Cooper during his/her holidays in Mauritius? It proves to be a real gem! Chic, luxury and elegant, it is a well sought-after vehicle. This atypical car that represents the British charm of the 60s has been modernized over the years, while becoming a true fashionable accessory for many. Imagine yourself driving a Mini Cooper rental car on the roads of Mauritius? At [...]